CHECKGATERANK is designed for GATE-2024 to calculate the score of students based on response sheet submitted by students at this portal.

Our GATE Exam Rank and Score Calculator – the ultimate tool crafted exclusively for GATE exam aspirants. This specialized calculator goes beyond the conventional by not only computing your marks but also presenting a detailed analysis of your performance, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your standing among fellow students.

This portal will generate the individual score after compilation of GOAPS-response sheet and Ranking displayed among the database count.

Accurate Answer Evaluation:

Our GATE calculator ensures precise evaluation of GOAPS- responses of GATE papers, Follow the instructions and submit the response sheet to get your instant result analysis.

Instant Marks and Percentage Calculation:

Get instant insights into your performance with the calculation of your marks and percentage. Each user can check the accuracy level, highest marks of individual and top scorer. Tool will display the questions with Highest/lowest accuracy, tough/easy questions, average score of students..etc.

Comparative Score Analysis:

Understand how your scores stack up against the competition. Our tool provides a detailed comparative analysis, highlighting your strengths and areas for improvement. This information is crucial for refining your study strategy and boosting your chances of success.

Performance Escalation Scale:

Get a visual representation of your performance with our unique Performance Escalation Scale. This feature allows you to track your progress over time, empowering you to make informed decisions about your next goal & strategy.

Rank Prediction:

Wondering where you stand among your competitors? Our GATE calculator predicts your rank based on your performance, providing a clear understanding of your position in the competitive landscape.

Comprehensive Analysis Reports:

Dive deep into your performance with our detailed analysis reports. From topic-wise breakdowns to scoring assessments, our tool offers a complete view of your strengths and weaknesses.

Marking Integration:

Our GATE calculator is optimized with marking scheme of GATE examination, Penalty ( MCQ-1/3rd , NAT-NILL, MSQ-NILL). Range based answers are also evaluated with same calculation.