Here are the steps to check your predicted GATE score at :

1. Create Your Account:

Visit and navigate to the Signup/Login page.

Provide your personal information, including your Name, Phone Number, and Email Address.

Choose Select Branch in which you appeared for the GATE exam. This helps us tailor the analysis to your specific field.

Click on the "Sign Up" button to create your account. ( Name, Phone No., Click Send OTP, Verify OTP Sent from CGROTP, Email Id as Username, create Password.

2. Upload GOAPS Response Sheet:

After logging in, you'll be directed to your dashboard. Here, you'll find an option to Paste Link of GOAPS response sheet from

• Click on the "Generate Result" button.

3. Processing and Compilation:

After submission, our tool will start processing your response sheet as per set algorithms.

The tool will compile the answers to each question and calculate the marks based on the official answers as per GATE marking scheme.

4. View Your Predicted Score, Rank, and Analysis:

Click at Check Your Result button to view detailed analysis of your performance with predicted GATE score & estimated rank.

Additionally, you'll be able to view topper’s Analysis and Marks wise Rank distribution chart.

5. Utilize the Results:

Once you have your predicted score and analysis, take the time to review and understand your performance.

Identify areas of strength and weakness to focus your preparation efforts effectively.

Use the insights provided to set realistic goals and benchmarks for future exams or career opportunities.

6. Explore Job Prospects and Recommendations (Optional):

If interested, explore the job prospects and recommendations provided by the platform based on your GATE score and branch/stream.

Receive guidance on how to leverage your GATE score for various recruitment processes and job opportunities in your field.

7. Logout:

After you've completed reviewing your predicted score and analysis, make sure to log out of your account for security purposes.

Invite all students to register on this portal for better Rank predictions, Maximum input data is subject to closest prediction.

By following these steps, you can easily check your predicted GATE score and leverage the insights provided by to plan your next steps effectively.

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