gate rank predictor 2024


Answer Key Input:

Simply input your GOAPS- responses received from official. Our calculator evaluate the answers with assigned marking scheme and generate your marks, percentage, rank etc.

Rank Prediction:

Receive an instant estimate of your rank based on your calculated marks with total entries. Understand where you stand in comparison to other GATE aspirants. Each response sheet results are added at real time to showcase the rank.

Detailed Analysis:

Explore comprehensive reports that break down your performance, allowing you to strategize and fine-tune your preparation for next stage.

User-Friendly Interface:

Our GATE calculator is designed with your convenience in mind. Navigate effortlessly through the tool and access your results without any hassle.

Why Choose Our GATE Calculator?

Precision and Reliability:

Our calculator is engineered for accuracy, ensuring reliable results that you can trust for your GATE exam preparation.


Save valuable time by letting our tool handle the intricate calculations. Focus your energy on refining your next preparation strategy.

In-Depth Insights:

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your performance with detailed analysis reports. Easy to know the Highest Score and total no. of questions attempted by topper with its accuracy level. Compare performance of each questions with topper and average inputs.

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